Time Jumper

Time Jumper

Time Jumper is an exciting game that takes us on an adventure through time
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In Time Jumper you are in the role of a time traveller who has to fulfill several missions in different periods of time in the past and the future. Through a capsule time, the traveller is sent back to thousands of years ago to explore a vast world with the aim of collecting a number of objects left behind by other time explorers. These objects include a TV set, a telephone, a watch, a cup, among others. The items are scattered around the land so our character has to explore every part of it, jumping on platforms and using elevators to collect them all in a limited time.

This isn’t as easy as it seems, because on his way he is going to find all kinds of creatures trying to make him waste time. Our time traveller has some weapons of his own he will have to use to attack and destroy Dragons, Asses, and Wizards that get on his way. There are other enemies like snakes, skulls, or mushrooms that he has to jump over, and others that must be completely avoided like the water lily.

The character is controlled with the keyboard arrows, and, although at first it seems tricky, with a bit of practice we can get to control him. Graphics are nice and very colorful, and along the game we are going to listen to a piece of classical music that gives the game a unique atmosphere.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Fun
  • Several missions to accomplish
  • Nice graphics and music


  • At moments the game gets a bit slow
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